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October 12, 2023: “The Cheapskates Guide to Photography” with Brian Walton | Monthly Meeting

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Our October Monthly Meeting will be on October 12, 2023 at 6:45 pm!

The monthly club meeting is a free event for anyone who shares a passion for photography, from the total beginner with your phone to a professional with multiple gear sets. Please join us in-person or online and invite anyone who may be interested in exploring and learning about photography!

We meet at Atlanta Tech Park at 107 Technology Parkway, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092. You are welcome to arrive at 6:15 pm for fellowship and social time to meet new and current members. ​

Access the October Meeting online on Oct 12th at 6:45 pm:

  • Meeting ID: 899 5829 4073

  • Passcode: 150710

Our October Speaker is Brian Walton and the topic will be "The Cheapskates Guide to Photography (and still make great images)"!

The cost of photography equipment can feel like a barrier to taking "professional quality" images, but it doesn't have to if you have a cheapskate with an eye for quality guiding your buying decisions.  We will explore old and new gear options that can produce showcase worthy images in the right hands.  There are plenty of inexpensive gems for camera bodies, lenses, lighting equipment, modifiers, and image processing software out there if you know what to look for.  Whether you want to buy budget conscious gear for all your photography needs or supplement your more expensive gear with some budget equipment to expand your capabilities and options there should be something for just about anyone presented.

Discover options you may have overlooked (or didn’t even know existed) that punch above the price to quality ratio the average sales associate will direct you to. Many budget options should be avoided despite the attractive price tag, discover pieces to look for across various camera systems that can help you produce great images.

About Brian Walton

Brian pursues photography as an art form as well as a vehicle to capture moments in time to help preserve the legacy of people, places and things. Passionate about portraits, fashion, macro photography, experimental techniques and editing with a focus on turning every subject into something interesting and beautiful. Enjoys teaching others as well as constantly learning and applying refinements of ways to shape and capture light, compose, and color grade.

Using a collection of gear that spans 60 years of history across over a dozen lens mounts adapted to multiple modern digital camera systems, Brian has a unique experience and perspective on the options available to a modern digital photographer and pitfalls to avoid.

Check out Brian's examples!

Hope you can join us for the October Meeting on October 12th!
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