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We are the Peachtree Corners Photography Club! 

Peachtree Corners Photography Club is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that educates, encourages, and expands the photographic knowledge and capabilities of individuals in Peachtree Corners and surrounding areas. 

We aim to foster a spirit of creativity and learning through educational opportunities, critiques, outings, competitions, interchange of ideas, and fellowship and association with other individuals and Clubs.

We provide a forum for people with a passion for photography and with varied skill levels to share their interests, ideas, experience, and work. We hope to group and expand the appreciation of photography within the Club and surrounding communities. Join and grow with us! 

Meet the Board
Tracey Rice


Richard Phillips.jpeg
Richard Phillips

Vice President & Hospitality Chair

Bob Walker.JPG
Bob Walker


Headshot Marcia Brandes.jpg
Marcia Brandes


David Dunagan

Field Trips Chair

Brian Walton SAM_1150 SmudgeCROP800.jpg
Brian Walton

Themes & Critiques Chair

Elaine Bullard.jpg
Elaine Bullard

Meetups Chair

David Schilling

Mentoring Program Chair

DSCN0549A5 - James Skurski.jpg
James Skurski

Resources Chair

Stephanie Artavia

Webmaster and Internal Communications Chair

2023 PCPC Board.jpg
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