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Join the New Photographer Referral Program!

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Enroll in the New Photographer Referral Program!

Dues-Paying Members

As our Club has grown and we have become better known in the community, people are noticing how much talent we have! We have begun receiving frequent requests from individuals and organizations who are asking for referrals to qualified photographers and videographers. Most of these requests involve paid gigs, and are across a wide variety of genres. Supporting our community, while also giving our paid members an opportunity to earn some extra money and gain more experience is a Win-Win! So to that end, we have developed a Photographer Referral Program for our Club.

The goal of the Program is for the Club to have a way to connect potential clients with photographers who are interested in receiving referrals and taking on gigs within their area(s) of expertise, and also to provide yet another benefit for our paid members.

Paid members of the Club are invited to enroll in the Program, please fill out the Photographer Referral Program form! Please indicate the genres of photography and videography that you are proficient in and for which you would like to receive referrals.

If you would like to enroll but aren't yet a paid member, you can go Step #2 on the Become a Member page to pay your dues and then you'll be able to enroll. Once you become a paid member, you are eligible to enroll in the Photographer Referral Program!

The information you put in the Photographer Referral Program form, head shot, website, contact information, and genres you are proficient in, will be added to the "Need a Photographer?" section of our website. Potential clients will be directed to that section of our website, where they can identify the photographer(s) they wish to contact.

Your profile will be published on our Need a Photographer page, which will showcase all the members who have chosen to participate in the program.

Submit your profile and business information by clicking on the button that will take you to a form. Once you have submitted the form, please email to your headshot with your company logo watermarked, if possible. See two examples below! This way your company name is visible to the potential clients.

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