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Oct 24, 2023: "A Moment in Time" Critique with David Schilling & Brian Walton | Technical Webinar

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Join us for the October Technical Webinar: "Submission for Critique: A Moment in Time" with David Schilling and Brian Walton!

The October Technical Webinar speakers will be Brian Walton and David Schilling and the topic will be “Submission for Critique: A Moment in Time”. The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, October 24, 2023 at 6:30 pm.

In preparation of the next major Peachtree Corners Photography Exhibit, our next Technical Webinar will be a Critique format where you may submit 3 of your own photos related to "A Moment In Time" theme. This time will allow our members to receive feedback on photos you may potentially want to submit for entry into our upcoming exhibit. The theme is a broad category open to a variety of interpretations, so look through your archives or create something new and submit.

David and Brian will review and discuss one of your images (as time allows) for critique. Files submitted must follow a "firstname lastname - photo title" naming convention to be considered for inclusion.

The Technical Webinar will take place on Tuesday, October 24th via Zoom.


Brian Walton (Left) David Schilling (Right)

Technical Webinars

The Technical Webinars are hosted monthly by skilled club members as well as guest speakers who are subject-matter experts on the various topics. Our presenters share expertise, tips, and knowledge about various photography and post-production techniques. Our aim is to increase your skill level and confidence with your photography and post-production.

For members, the link is under the Member Portal page, Zoom Links, and will be provided by email too!

Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, Oct 24th for the Monthly Technical Webinar!
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