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November 22, 2022: How To Remove Unwanted Objects From Your Photos | Technical Webinar

Join us for the November Technical Webinar: How To Remove Unwanted Objects From Your Photos!

The November Technical Webinar speaker will be Tracey Rice and the topic will be “How To Remove Unwanted Objects From Your Photos”. The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, November 22, 2022 at 6:30 pm.

Do you ever have shots that were perfect and dreamy – where the light is just right, the composition is perfect, and it’s a real keeper – BUT there is a distracting element in the photo that ruins it. It draws your eye away from the main subject. Maybe It’s a blurry blob. Or it’s a tree which appears to be growing out of the top of a person’s head that you didn’t notice before. It’s a photobomber. It’s random people in a shot of your family at the beach. Or it’s phone lines and cell towers in an otherwise beautiful landscape shot.

Whatever it is, there is usually a way to get rid of that unwanted object in post-processing. You can erase it entirely or replace it with something else less objectionable.

Tracey will share tips on how to remove these unwanted objects, from the simple things you can do in phone apps, to the crazy upgrades now available in Adobe Lightroom, and a demonstration of the more sophisticated tools in Adobe Photoshop. There will be something of value for every skill level.

In this Technical Webinar, you will learn:
  • How to spot the things that need to be removed from your photo to create distraction-free images.

  • A knowledge of the tools that are available to remove those unwanted objects.

  • How to decide which tool might be best to remove the object.

  • A demonstration of the tools and the before & after results.

About Tracey Rice

After a 33-year career in global corporate marketing and retiring from The Coca-Cola Company at the end of 2011, Tracey decided to get serious about her life-time photography hobby.

She enrolled in the two-year, full-time program at Gwinnett Technical College and earned a degree in Commercial Photography with a 4.0 GPA, won Best Portfolio of her graduating class and was awarded Student of the Year. She also earned a Digital Imaging Certificate in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Since graduating, Tracey has been running her own photography business, specializing in people photography in all genres, real estate/interiors, and event photography, and providing private photography coaching and mentoring.

She has been the President of the Peachtree Corners Photography Club for the past three years. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Atlanta Celebrates Photography, and is a member of the Professional Photographers of America. You can see Tracey’s work on her website at

Check out Tracey's Before and After example!

Technical Webinars

The Technical Webinars are hosted monthly by skilled club members as well as guest speakers who are subject-matter experts on the various topics. Our presenters share expertise, tips, and knowledge about various photography and post-production techniques. Our aim is to increase your skill level and confidence with your photography and post-production.

For members, the link is under the Member Portal page, Zoom Links, and will be provided by email too!

Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, Nov 22nd for the Monthly Technical Webinar!
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