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May Double Feature: Understanding Focal Lengths, Depth-of-Field, Bokeh, & Masking |Technical Webinar

Updated: May 30, 2023

Join us for the May Technical Webinar Double Feature: Understanding Focal Lengths, Depth-of-Field, and Bokeh plus Masking in Lightroom with Tracey Rice and Bob Chadwick!

The May Technical Webinar speakers will be Tracey Rice and Bob Chadwick and the topic will be “Double Feature: Understanding Focal Lengths, Depth-of-Field, and Bokeh plus Masking in Lightroom”. The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 6:30 pm.

Every photographer needs to have a firm understanding of focal lengths, and the relationship that focal length and aperture have to depth-of-field and bokeh (that dreamy blurred out background). Tracey will explain that whether you choose a prime lens or a zoom lens, your choice of focal length will differ depending on your subject matter, the distance you are from your subject, and the type of sharp or soft background you want. Once you have that understanding, you are the master in control of making your photo match your vision.

Adobe Lightroom has added some powerful new masking features that offer a variety of local

adjustment tools in an organized panel to help you make precise edits to specific areas in a

photo with the most creative control. Bob Chadwick is going to do a demonstration of

these new masking tools, and show you how it’s possible to touch up specific parts of a photo

with just a few selections. The Masking panel in Lightroom lets you work on any portion of an

image to make intricate and precise adjustments using masks like Brush, Background, People,

and more, topped by editing controls. You can access manual masks as well as masks powered by artificial intelligence.

In this Double Feature webinar, you will learn:

Part 1:
  • What focal lengths are best for different types of subject matter.

  • How lens perspective changes with different focal lengths.

  • What lens compression is and how to use it.

  • Exactly what is “depth-of-field”.

  • How to control depth-of-field by understanding the relationship between

  • aperture, focal length, and focusing distance.

  • What is “bokeh,” the different types of bokeh, and how to create it.

Part 2:
  • What the new Adobe Lightroom masking features are.

  • When to use them.

  • How to use them.

About Tracey Rice

Tracey Rice is the President of the Peachtree

Corners Photography Club. She has a degree in

Commercial Photography from Gwinnett

Technical College, has her own photography

business, and has been a member of the

Professional Photographers of America since

2013. While she specializes in portraits, real

estate, and event photography, she shoots all

genres, and loves to teach and mentor others.

About Bob Chadwick

Bob Chadwick is a long-time Peachtree Corners resident, having moved to the area with his family in 1992. He is an avid hobbyist photographer, starting with film back in the 80’s, and progressing through DSLR’s to mirrorless.

He has shot a lot of sports in the past 10 years, but is gradually moving to wildlife and

landscapes. He was a staff photographer for the Gwinnett Stripers and has shot sports for the local high schools.

Technical Webinars

The Technical Webinars are hosted monthly by skilled club members as well as guest speakers who are subject-matter experts on the various topics. Our presenters share expertise, tips, and knowledge about various photography and post-production techniques. Our aim is to increase your skill level and confidence with your photography and post-production.

For members, the link is under the Member Portal page, Zoom Links, and will be provided by email too!

Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, May 23rd for the Monthly Technical Webinar!
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