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May 12, 2022: Photo Trip to South Africa | Monthly Meeting

Photo Credit: Bob Chadwick

Our May Monthly Meeting will be on Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 6:45 pm!

The monthly club meeting is a free event for anyone who shares a passion for photography, from the total beginner with your phone to a professional with multiple gear sets. Please join us in-person or online and invite anyone who may be interested in exploring and learning about photography!

We meet at Atlanta Tech Park at 107 Technology Parkway, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092. You are welcome to arrive at 6:15 pm for fellowship and social time to meet new and current members. ​

Our May Speakers are Bob Chadwick, Jody Pollack, Nancy McCall, and David Smith and the topic will be Photo Trip to South Africa.

Our speakers will share about their recent trip to South Africa and discuss the following:

  • Our daily routine

  • The overall experience travelling with a world class wildlife photographer

  • We will speak about the types of animals we saw

  • A selection of images of the various animals

About Bob Chadwick:

Bob is a local photographer with an interest in photographing just about anything. I have been in the hobby since the late 1970's shooting range finder, SLR, DSLR and now mirrorless cameras. I got serious about the hobby in the last 10 years shooting sports for the local high schools and semi-pro baseball team. I am currently taking more nature and landscape pictures.

Check out Bob's Photography from the South Africa Trip:

Jody Pollock

About Jody Pollock:

Jody is an amateur photographer primarily specializing in flowers and landscapes. However, the safari opened up the world of wildlife photography. I have been interested in photography since the early 70’s and even had a darkroom in my basement where I experimented with B&W. I am still not serious about it but am very good at finding and framing some pretty amazing images.

Check out Jody's Photography from the South Africa Trip:

Nancy McCall and David Smith

Hope you can join us for the May Meeting on May 12th!

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