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March 28, 2023: "Creating Titles For Your Images" with Tracey Rice | Technical Webinar

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Join us for the March Technical Webinar: "Creating Titles for your Images" with Tracey Rice!

The March Technical Webinar speaker will be Tracey Rice and the topic will be “Creating Titles For Your Images”. The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 6:30 pm.

As a Part 2 of our previous Webinar on the “12 Elements of a Merit Image,” this Webinar will be about the “13th Element”, which is the title of the image itself. A great title helps complete the story of a photograph, but how do you go about creating a great title?

In this Webinar, you will learn:

  • Why good titles are important

  • What generally makes a good title

  • A process for creating titles if a title doesn't just come to you immediately

Tracey will show lots of examples of photographs with good titles and will work through the creation of titles for a couple of different photographs.

If you have a photograph you’ve had trouble creating a title for, you’ll have a chance to share your screen and the group will use Tracey’s process to help develop a title. We’ll do as many as we have time for.

About Tracey Rice

Tracey Rice is the President of the Peachtree Corners Photography Club. She has a degree in Commercial Photography from Gwinnett Technical College, has her own photography business, and has been a member of the Professional Photographers of America since 2013.

While she specializes in portraits, real estate, and event photography, she shoots all genres, and loves to teach and mentor others.

“A picture speaks a thousand words. Its title gives those words your voice.”

Technical Webinars

The Technical Webinars are hosted monthly by skilled club members as well as guest speakers who are subject-matter experts on the various topics. Our presenters share expertise, tips, and knowledge about various photography and post-production techniques. Our aim is to increase your skill level and confidence with your photography and post-production.

For members, the link is under the Member Portal page, Zoom Links, and will be provided by email too!

Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, March 28th for the Monthly Technical Webinar!
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