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Kathleen Haisten

 Gallery 2020


About 10 years ago when I had my first born, I realized I wanted to capture beautiful images of her that weren’t cell phone pictures. So I bought my first DSLR camera. It was cheap, but did the job. I learned that camera like the back of my hand. Over the years I had two more children and gained more knowledge of my camera and photography. Having a parent who is also a professional photographer, helped me gain the knowledge I needed to go into business.
I’ve always had a love for capturing moments in time, and the joy that comes with great pictures of your family is something I wanted to share with others. I have a natural gift when it comes to connecting with children and capturing them at their best. My life as a mom is busy and chaotic at times, but when I have these photo albums and framed pictures on my wall, they remind me that life is amazing and my family is incredible.

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